Sunday, July 30, 2006

shooting star!!!

i saw one, i saw one!!!

i've never seen a real live meteor before! i mean, i've seen it in movies, pictures, things like that...

but tonight i saw one with my own two eyes!!! standing in the middle of a field with the rest of my dormmates, on the outskirts of campus, around 1130pm, coming back from a walk in the woods, waiting for the train to pass so we could cross the tracks and get back to the dorms...

and then there it was. it was GORGEOUS :D even though it was just one lone meteor... imagine seeing a shower of them!!! dagnabit!!!


nothing to do with anything, but guess what i'm listening to......

tchaikovsky's first piano concerto :) FINALLY!! you know, ever since that time i blogged about hearing it on the radio and then telling myself i wouldn't change the station until i heard it again... well, i never did hear it again. i was really disappointed cuz i even requested the station to play it and they never did... or maybe they did but i just missed it. anyway, i was disappointed but i managed to put it behind me.

and then sometime last week or so, it occurred to me out of the blue that maybe i can find it on youtube! and lo and behold, i did. (there were a few videos available but i like the one with Kissin best.) this little discovery has made me soooo happy :D sometimes i forget how much i really love the piano... i guess i stifle it for the most part cuz then i get all bitter when i start dwelling on how i never had the opportunity to develop my playing beyond my one year of lessons as a child. for yeeeears, my mom promised me a piano...... *sigh* well, life is what it is. i suppose there are far greater tragedies than not having a piano :P though last week i did ask God (very seriously) if He could give me a piano in heaven. by then i'll have all the time in the universe to learn and be able to play my heart out ;)


today i was woken up by the loudest, most powerful thunderclap i had ever heard/felt my entire life. it happened around 530am... no rain, just thunder. (not until mid-morning anyway). it felt like the thunder was coming from *within* the building cuz i could feel it shake the very core of my being. it was awesome!

Monday, July 24, 2006


sorry, i know i haven't been updating... classes have been super intense and i'm doing everything i can to keep all the material in my head.


Sunday, July 02, 2006

bloody heel ^_^

i did a really silly thing today. i attempted to speed-walk about 3.5 km in my brand new white flipflops. (i shoulda gone with pink :P) other than sweating profusely, i wasn't in any kind of pain during the walk... i didn't even notice anything until i got back to my room. and really, i was freaking out more about my flipflops than my heel. i know, they're thin and not really meant for walking long distances, but i'd feel weird having to wear my runners or my ACG sandals to church every week! plus, the flipflops were actually pretty comfortable so i'm not sure what it was that cut me... maybe a small rock? anyway, the pic below is less graphic than the one i took of my actual heel, which was covered completely in blood. but no worries... after first scrubbing away at my flipflop (which now only has the faintest hint of pink but looks completely worn down) and then scrubbing the stains out of the carpet, i eventually got to washing my heel and the cut wasn't so big after all.

onto other news... the pastor that's been speaking on the da vinci code was away on a mission trip this week so we got a "normal" message today :) i also got a fairly good deal on some lean ground beef at the local IGA... buy one get one free, you can't go wrong with that! but that was also why i speed-walked back to campus... i guess it's true when they say that nothing in life is free. hehe.

i'm going to cultus lake provincial park in chilliwack tomorrow, so i'm pretty excited... hopefully i don't hurt myself!

Saturday, July 01, 2006

happy canada day!

today was relaxing. i slept until noon... haven't done that in ages. a few of us were gonna try to go to vancouver but it didn't happen. everyone had lunch together and then Nv, N, F, H and i walked over to fort langley to see what was going on there for canada day... it was pretty hot. we had ice cream and drinks at jaffa's which is this really cute old-style ice cream parlour diner kinda place... and then we headed to the fort. we got sidetracked at the "museum" before actually reaching the fort... it was just three barn looking buildings with stuff inside... farm machinery and what not. and there were tents set up but people were already taking it down, so whatever was there earlier, we had already missed it. i was pretty disappointed that we went all the way there to see nothing but old tractors, but then we heard bagpipes playing in the distance so we knew there was something going on elsewhere. just further up the street was the actual fort and the museum we were told about. the fort admission was free on canada day which was nice. i walked around and took some pictures and went to the museum. we hung around in the cool shade and eventually took the bus home. then i offered to make pasta for everyone, which i did quite successfully :) and now F and H are watching "be with you"... yes, i brought the movie with me and i'm making everyone watch it ;)

H, Nv, N, F