Saturday, September 30, 2006

i saw the light

sorry for the lack of updates... been preoccupied with a million things. it's the last day of september already and i don't know whether i feel more relieved or terrified that the semester is that much closer to being over.

on a random note, i attended a service last sunday that was unlike anything i could've ever imagined. it was "country western" sunday at a church called The Loft, and i was invited by a friend who was invited by her landlord. the church is held on a farm/ranch where they teach kids how to ride horses... apparently, the church initially stemmed from that ministry (or something like that). it's just so strange to me, but i guess it's no different than... say a basketball camp for kids. they said the children's horseriding camp got to a point where they saw 100% of the children coming to the Lord. i dunno what to make of all this... anyway, the services are held in one of their indoor riding facilities which they've turned into a makeshift chapel. when we got to church last sunday, there were a few people riding around and arriving on horses... everyone was dressed up for the country western theme so there were cowboy hats and vests and boots and everything country western you can think of... i totally stood out in my regular jeans and t-shirt and flipflops. and my goodness, the worship...... imagine one of those lively worship sessions with people dancing and waving their arms about and shouting hallelujahs left right and centre... it was just like that, except everything was country! the band was country, all the songs were country, everyone looked and acted and sang and danced country... the one song i did recognize was "i saw the light" but only because it's on david crowder's collision cd... but if you've ever heard it on that cd, let me tell you that it sounded *just* like that on sunday! i wish i had brought my camera with me that day. anyway, instead of your typical choir performance, the children line danced to a song by randy travis. after that was the offering and then the message. the pastor's a great speaker... thing is, i was getting a whole lot of "prosperity" vibes and i didn't like that... but i won't get into that here. cowboy sunday at the loft was one interesting experience nonetheless :)

(no, this isn't the loft... just felt like including a barn pic (taken by A) to go with the post :P )