Monday, January 01, 2007


i remember the last time i had so much fun with a gaming console was during a brief period toward the end of high school when a friend got me hooked on tekken 3. i was obsessed with julia and in love with jin ;) but that didn't last very long. i think my real gaming streak ended in grade 8 with SNES and my favourite game at the time--street fighter II (loved that ryu!).

well... after reading and hearing about all the hype surrounding the nintendo Wii, i was very curious to try it out and immediately agreed when B offered to bring it over. Wii sports was all we got a chance to play. but that's ok, because Wii sports is more than enough to handle when you're completely out of shape and decide to play all the games anyway and with full force and motion as though you are actually holding that bowling ball or baseball bat or tennis racket or golf club or you're truly in that boxing ring and the only thing that matters is knocking your opponent to the ground...

i think there should be a big disclaimer warning people that they could injure themselves or others around them, not to mention damage whatever else is in the room. or maybe there is such a thing already and i just didn't notice. anyway, we're renovating the house right now so thank goodness the room was mostly empty because i found myself using up a LOT of floor space to move around. (btw, i should also warn you that playing the Wii on hardwood while wearing socks is not a good idea.) i was whining to my friend R about how sore my ENTIRE body was from playing Wii sports (even my ribs are bruised, for goodness sake!)... and it's the kind of sore i've only ever felt after the first few days of training hardcore again after an extended period of no martial arts. when R told me she was sore too, i flipped out because R is probably the strongest, fittest girl i know, yet she still managed to overexert herself playing raving rabbids. oh, and she managed to damage the tv at her bf's house when she was playing Wii sports baseball for the first time because she accidentally let go of the Wiimote on her first swing and since she swung hard enough for a home run the strap broke and the Wiimote flew into the tv screen and cracked it ;) the Wiimote left my hands a couple of times too but thank goodness i'm not that strong!

actually, bowling and golf are quite relaxing games. and baseball was just frustrating. i think it was the tennis and boxing that did me in. i caught myself doing unnecessary things such as ducking as though the ball was really coming toward me just so my doubles partner could get to the ball. boxing was a bit frustrating because holding the Wiimote and nunchuk and throwing a real punch doesn't actually result in that same move on the screen. i had to hold the controllers and move them in a slightly unnatural way to get the moves i wanted, and of course i can't remember how to do anything in the middle of a fight except move the way i've always been taught. ah well, it's still fun.

i could go on and on about the nintendo Wii... but i'll stop here. overall, i really enjoyed myself! at the very least, the Wii provides an excellent workout. and the pain is definitely worth it :)

happy new year!