Sunday, April 30, 2006


the weirdest thing happened to me. i woke up from a nap this afternoon with the DIREST NEED to eat. it was the most bizarre feeling. i had lunch right before my nap so i can't explain it... and when i say dire need, i mean DIRE NEED. i felt like if i didn't eat right then and there, i was gonna die or something. so anyway, when i woke up, i sat straight up and felt the greatest urgency to eat and so i jumped out of bed and dashed towards my tostitos and salsa. within a couple minutes i managed to stuff, like, 30 chips and a quarter of the jar of salsa down my throat. and no, i had nothing to drink... i dunno how i did it but i did, i was that focused on having to eat something. and then i felt i needed a meal, so i rushed down to my kitchen but there was no 'solid' food around, so i ripped open a bag of plain buns and started eating one frantically while i took out my mccain deep n delicious stash from the fridge, and then i proceeded to shove about a quarter of the container into my mouth before i "snapped out of it" a few minutes later. how messed up is that?! and yah, i felt sick immediately afterwards... what in the world happened while i was asleep for a couple hours that drove me to stuff my face with food?? i must've been dreaming. the million-dollar question is, what the heck was i dreaming about?!

my mom says i'm stressed. a lot of people eat when they're stressed. perhaps i am, but as for the *real* cause of this afternoon's crazy food rampage... i guess i'll never know.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

i'm currently craving...

...tostitos. great stuff to munch on. i'm officially hooked. i recommend the hint of lime chips with the tomato salsa. the hint of jalapeno chips are also yummy... and they go better with the cheese dip. mmmmm.

you know what else is surprisingly yummy? peanut butter lindor. never even knew they existed til lynn gave me some. i was never a big peanut butter fan and i really hated it with chocolate (i.e. reese's pieces). but then a few years ago i found out a close friend of mine actually liked the combination. one time he chose it as an ice cream flavour, and i remember thinking to myself... if he liked it that much, then there must be something good about it! so from then on i made a conscious effort to be more open to the peanut butter-chocolate mix. and lo and behold, i now think it's... well, not bad :P i still don't love the stuff. but the peanut butter lindor tasted great.

on to other yummy news... my hebrew class had a "dessert night" and boy did i indulge! i was totally in the mood for dessert. everything tasted soooooooo good... mmmmm... and to top it all off, my prof made this swedish cake from scratch that was oh-so-yummy! i washed it down with some strong swedish coffee that kept me up til 5am. cuz yah... the coffee was supposed to help keep me up so i could finish my papers. anyway...

so my stereo's been set to classical 96.3 fm for the past coupla weeks. i've had such a hard time finishing my papers that i felt the need to listen to music without any words to distract me. personally, i think classical music is a great outlet. it covers a whole range of emotions... whether i'm feeling happy, sad, peaceful, angry, joyful, anxious, or anything (and everything) in between. very therapeutic. although... i must confess the underlying reason i haven't changed the station. shortly after i first tuned in to 96.3 fm, i heard tchaikovsky's piano concerto no. 1 (the first movement i think) and it totally fit my mood at the time. i LOVED it. and i wanted to hear it again. i mean, it's a pretty popular piece...... so guess what. i still haven't heard it a second time. i mean, i'm sure they must've played it... but i haven't been able to catch it. goodness, i think i've heard everything else at least twice. carmen, i probably heard a hundred times. they even played the E.T. theme. and i even heard some enya. gimme tchaikovsky's first piano concerto already! i refuse to change the station until i hear it again.

moving on... i was at tim horton's today when i noticed the price of their small iced cappuccino is now $2.02! goodness gracious. and... that's all i have to say about that.

one last thing. gmail displayed a quote by sam butler that goes something like "it's better to have loved and lost than never to have lost at all"... taking the statement for what it is, i.e. without the fine print, i think it's absurd. just absolutely ridiculous. and... there's more i have to say about that, but i think i'll stop here.

Friday, April 21, 2006


my dad was telling me how someone asked him at work if he liked the LOTR musical.

he replied, "oh yah... gargamel was really good."

hehe... gargamel... heeheehehee!!!


here's an example of how keeping an agenda can backfire on you.

i had my hebrew exam yesterday. my mom normally uses the van so she was supposed to drop me off, but she wanted to study for her own exams so she told me to just drive to school myself. so i wanted to get there early, pick my seat, get a coffee, walk around, check out the bookstore, chat with some people... and then do my routine vocab cramming 30 minutes before the exam. i had just gotten my coffee and was trying to get settled in my seat when i realized that a LOT of people arrived early. it was only 1pm... the exam wasn't until 2pm. right?????

wrong... the exam was 1-4pm, not 2-5pm!! stupid agenda!! when the schedule changed, i had forgotten to update my planner. imagine if i had gotten to school "on time!" i woulda missed a whole hour of the exam. and getting there for 2pm was my plan all along, if it wasn't for my mom changing her mind and giving me the van to drive. man. so i was freaking out when i found out the exam was at 1pm. i wanted to leave the class to cram (cuz there was still a good 1/4 of the vocab i didn't know) and just write the exam 15 minutes late... but when i expressed my wish to do so, my prof wouldn't allow me to do it! i think this made me even more hysterical. of course i eventually calmed down... i was starting to freak out the people around me which i didn't wanna do, plus a part of me realized there wasn't much else i could do.

anyway, the exam turned out fine :)

Sunday, April 16, 2006

jaa, baby!

it's been about a year since i first raved about tony jaa and his sick, SICK moves in Ong Bak. apparently he has a second movie out called Tom Yum Goong that i'm dying to watch. i checked out a couple of the fight scenes on YouTube... *drool*... now that's my definition of eye candy ;) he's a great acrobat/stuntman/fighter, but it's his martial skills that i dig the most. if you're not already a fan or you've never had a taste of tony jaa, check out the following appetizer video that showcases some of his skills (though more on the stunt side... my favourite--just cuz it was my first time seeing him do it--is that superhigh kick of his where he kicks something at twice his height. i mean, it's hard enough for some people to touch the ceiling with their hands, but tony can do it with his feet! i'm still trying to work out the physics of such a move. and a lot of his other moves, for that matter.) anyway, the guy is so unbelievably awesome!!!