Monday, March 26, 2007

sunday afternoon stroll

as i alluded to in my previous post, it has been a very wet and gloomy march.. and winter in general. yesterday was a precious day because the sun was actually shining for much of it. at church, i was invited by T to "go for a nice walk" out in the sunshine, and i'm ashamed to say that it took a bit of coaxing before i agreed to go. i was under the impression that we'd be going to a park of "miliken" (i.e. mccowan and steeles) calibre.. T had mentioned a lake but i was thinking of something pond-size. of course i had totally forgotten what province i was in! after a good half hour or so on the road, we arrived at harrison hot springs overlooking harrison lake:

and thus began our sunday afternoon stroll :)

Dn, T, R, Db

the sun was in a peek-a-boo kind of mood. one minute it would show its face:

the next minute it would hide behind a cloud again:

but hey, i ain't complainin'.. i'll take what i can get!
gimme some sun now! ;)

we enjoyed a lengthy sunny moment on the beach:

me, Db, R, Dn

an aside.. i'm seeing quite a lot of pink along the roads already...
it will only be a matter of time before the cherry blossoms are in full bloom! *sigh* :D

mountains and water and trees, oh my!

even from behind a car window and with the sun behind the clouds, the mountains *still* take my breath away ^_^

à bientôt, my wonderful sun-kissed harrison lake..

what a blessing you've been in the midst of my dark and dreary days:)

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